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The Bhramarah Organic Sandalwood Powder is hundred percent pure and organic Sandalwood powder with no added synthetic chemicals. Unlike other beauty products, this treats your skin organically and returns the natural glow of your face. Bhramarah premium products work on your skin without harming its biological make in any way. Effective treatment for acne and blackheads. Heals skin problems like pimples, dark spots and circles, itchy skin infections and more. Removes sun tan within minutes. Treats sunburn that happens due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Tightens your skin, prevents wrinkles and keeps away abrasions. You can use the Bhramarah Organic Sandalwood Powder in the following manner: 1.Take 1 tablespoon of the sandalwood powder. 2.Mix with it rose water, cucumber and/or curd to create your own pace pack. 3.Apply it on your face and neck. Lightly massage for best results. 4.Wait till the pack dries. 5.Wash well with water and get a glowing skin instantaneously.

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