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Natural Moringa tree is native to northern India's Himalayan Mountains and is planted all over the world. It's commonly utilized as both a meal and a medicinal. Its dried leaves may be processed into a fine Organic Moringa Leaves powder. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans utilized this herbal powder for thousands of years because it is high in calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Drumstick or Moringa leaves powder can be used to disinfect polluted surfaces as an antiseptic. It has a broad spectrum of antibacterial and antifungal properties as well. Fresh Moringa leaves powder is also used to treat a variety of other disorders, including malaria and typhoid fever, as well as hypertension and diabetes. Its positive benefits are assumed to be due to the wide range of chemicals found in it.

Natural Moringa tree leaves powder benefits as antimicrobial characteristics which can help prevent acne outbreaks on your skin. It can also aid with the removal of blemishes, dark spots, pimples, and blackheads. Moringa leaves are high in amino acids, which are the foundations of cells. This aids in hair renewal and hence lowers alopecia. It awakens dormant hair follicles, promoting hair growth in bald regions.

Moringa Leaves Powder Uses

Abundant Bioactive Compounds

High concentration moringa leaf powder such as vitamins, flavonoids, alkaloids, and other nutritional components. These chemicals are useful in treatment of chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, and general inflammation.

Hormone balance

Reduce oxidative stress indicators but also improved fasting blood glucose and hemoglobin levels, implying more balanced hormones. Moringa leaves powder linked to better thyroid health, which regulates hormones that affect energy, sleep, and digestion.

Combat free radicals

Antioxidants present in moringa leaf powder, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid, act as an antidote. These antioxidants demonstrated to help prevent early wrinkles and protect your cells by preventing oxidative stress, cell damage, and premature aging.

Decrease inflammation

Drumstick leaves powder drastically reduce cellular inflammation. Moringa decreases inflammation by decreasing inflammatory enzymes and proteins in body, in addition to possessing anti-inflammatory polyphenols and isothiocyanates.

Balance blood sugar

In lab trials, the leaf powder was found to be helpful at lowering cholesterol and glucose levels as well as regulating oxidative stress. Its antioxidant qualities, as well as decreased fasting glucose levels, may aid in the reduction of weight gain and insulin resistance.

Enhance digestion

Around 30% fibre majority of which is insoluble, require for digestion also lower your risk of illness. Moringa tree powder is natural antibiotic and antibacterial that may aid in inhibition of growth of many infections that can cause digestive disorders.

Moringa Leaves Powder Benefits

Plant-based Protein

Powders prepared from Moringa tree leaves powder are high in protein. You can have an advantage over legumes since they contain all of the key amino acids required for muscle repair, energy generation, and mood modulation.

Haircare Products

drumstick leaves powder based hair care products are high in amino acids, which aids in hair renewal. High in Biotin, which promotes formation of RBCs that increases delivery of oxygen to scalp. This prevents hair loss and increases lifetime of hair cells.

Anti-Microbial Remedies

organic Moringa leaves powder includes pterygospermin, functions as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medicine, aiding in prevention of dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis, eczema, and bacterial blisters. It also aids in healing of microbial infections and wounds.


Made the right way

  • All our products are 100% Natural.

  • The aroma of the products are from the natural ingredients added. We do not add any artificial fragrances.

  • The color of our products is from the natural ingredients, so it may slightly change over time – although the product efficacy remains unchanged. 

  • Our products are free from any sulphates, parabens and other chemicals.

  • Proudly Made in India.

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