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This power packed Organic Ubtan is a natural cleanser been in use from ancient times.

It is a gentle exfoliating paste made from freshly ground organic herbs and oils, for instant brightening, dark spot reduction and illuminating the skin.

The goodness of Haldi, Chandan, Licorice etc works as an exfoliator, promoting even skin tone, remove suntan marks and give a spotless glowing skin.

Since we do not add any chemicals or other harmful paraben, this Ubtan can be used for oily skin type without any side effects.

Why does it work?
This cleanser will reduce dark spots, removes extra oil, give a smooth glowing skin and removes facial hair naturally.
Ubtan is a face mask used from olden days. It is a paste made using amba haldi (turmeric), Chandan and other natural ingredients to give a flawless skin.
This chemical free cleanser can be used to remove makeup, dead skin cells and other pollutants from the skin.

What to expect?
This natural cleanser removes tan and exfoliates skin.
Treats acne and blemishes.
Improves skin elasticity and fights signs of ageing.
Restores moisture and reduces flakiness of skin.
Naturally lightens skin and renders smooth glowing skin.

 How to use it?
Mix 1-2 teaspoon with rose water in to a paste. Gently apply to moist skin leave it for 1-2 minutes lightly massage, rinse with plain water



Made the right way

  • All our products are 100% Natural.
  • The aroma of the products are from the natural ingredients added. We do not add any artificial fragrances.
  • The color of our products is from the natural ingredients, so it may slightly change over time – although the product efficacy remains unchanged. 
  • Our products are free from any sulphates, parabens and other chemicals.
  • Proudly Made in India.


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