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Extracted from the Lemongrass stalks and leaves, the Lemongrass Essential Oil has managed to attract top cosmetic and healthcare brands in the world due to its nutritional properties. Lemongrass oil has a perfect blend of earthy and citrusy aroma that revives your spirits and refreshes you instantly. It has powerful antioxidants that can help your skin and overall health in various ways.

The antioxidants of Lemongrass essential oil eliminate the free radicals and curb oxidative stress. It is also known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Lemongrass oil is one of the key ingredients in massage oils due to its ability to relax muscles and alleviate joint pain. Since it is a concentrated essential oil, you must use it in appropriate proportions only and that also after diluting it with the help of coconut or jojoba carrier oils.

Though it is safe for all skin types, you may perform a patch test on your elbow before the first use. You can use Lemongrass oil for the treatment of dandruff and strengthen hair follicles. Antifungal and Antiviral properties of lemongrass oil useful for preventing hair loss. No chemicals or additives are used while manufacturing lemongrass essential oil, and it is also free from pesticides, synthetic colors, artificial scents, and preservatives. Therefore, you may include it in your regular skincare routine.

What to expect?

  • Anti Inflammatory

    The anti-inflammatory properties of lemongrass oil are beneficial for the treatment of arthritis and other issues. It reduces the pain that is associated with chronic inflammations.

  • Antiseptic Nature

    The antiseptic properties of lemongrass oil make it ideal for treating skin issues like acne, acne scars, etc. You can use it both as a face oil and massage oil for better results.
  • Combats Stress

    Use lemongrass oil for aromatherapy to treat stress, depression, and anxiety. The results are more effective when you perform massage and aromatherapy treatment simultaneously.
  • Reduces Dandruff

    You can use lemongrass essential oil for reducing dandruff. For that, you can add a few drops of this oil to your hair oils, shampoos, or conditioners for treating hair problems.
  • Skin Care

    The astringent properties of lemongrass oil enable you to use it to tighten your skin pores. Therefore, you can also add a few drops of this oil to your beauty care products.
  • Relieves Nausea

    Add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil to a diffuser or steam inhaler to relieve nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Its invigorating aroma creates a relaxing environment and ambiance.

How to use it?

  • Scented Candles

    Lemongrass Oil is quite popular among the makers of scented candles. Powerful, citrus distinctive scent of lemongrass oil eliminates the foul smell from your rooms. The powerful aroma of this oil fills your rooms with soothing fragrances.

  • Bath Purposes

    Combine Lemongrass essential oil with a jojoba or sweet almond carrier oil and pour it into a bathtub filled with warm water. You can now enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing bathing session.
  • Aromatherapy Massage Oil

    Enjoy a relaxing massage session by using a diluted form of lemongrass oil. It not only relieves muscle cramps and strain but also fortifies joints and provides relief from pain.
  • Insect Repellent

    You can use lemongrass essential oil for repelling insects, bugs, etc. For that, dilute the oil with water and fill it in a spray bottle to use everywhere for unwanted insects and bugs.
  • Healthy Breathing

    Combine Lemongrass oil with Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils and diffuse it to improve your breathing. It promotes clear breathing and reduces congestion as well.
  • DIY Products

    You can make DIY natural products like Bath oils, Soaps, Face Scrubs, Face wash by using Lemongrass essential oil as one of the key ingredients. It will enhance its nutritional properties by many folds.


Made the right way

  • All our products are 100% Natural.
  • The aroma of the products are from the natural ingredients added. We do not add any artificial fragrances.
  • The color of our products is from the natural ingredients, so it may slightly change over time – although the product efficacy remains unchanged. 
  • Our products are free from any sulphates, parabens and other chemicals.
  • Proudly Made in India.

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