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ORGANIC HAIR CLEANSER is a natural Shampoo that effectively cleans your scalp and hair removing dirt, debris and excess oils while letting all the essential nutrients intact and making your hair soft and manageable. The Cleanser on regular use helps restore natural hair colour and makes the hair healthy from the roots till the ends. We wanted to make a truly Organic natural  Shampoo and hence did not add any chemicals to the product. You get the Cleanser in a powder form unlike the regular liquid Shampoos with chemical infused preservatives.

How To Use?

Take 4-5 tablespoons (depending on the length of your hair) of “THE Bhramarah – ORGANIC HAIR CLEANSER” and mix it with quarter (1/4th) mug of water to form a thick liquid consistency and work it through your hair from the scalp to the ends. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips in inward & outward motions for 2-4 minutes. Avoid using it as a hair mask. Rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water and let it air dry.

Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week to get best results.


  •  Cleanses scalp effectively
  •  Makes hair strong from the roots
  •  Treats premature graying
  •  Reduces hair fall drastically
  •  Makes hair smooth
  •  Removes Mild Dandruff
  •  Stimulates Scalp Health
  •  Helps in thick hair growth

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